Special early bid offer
Special early bid offer
A key to you digital assets doesn't have to look like a cheap trinket.
That's why U-HODL is made of stainless steel and hardened glass rather than plastic. While not in use, it looks like jewellery, not an electronic device.
Secure and private
You wouldn't want to compromise security when it comes to your valuables.
U-HODL uses state of the art technology to protect your data. The device is temper-proof, Bluetooth connection is heavily encrypted and your wallet is secured by fingerprint scan in addition to a PIN code. Private keys never leave the secure storage. And we don't track you or collect any sensitive information without a clear permission.
Mobile first
A laptop with a bunch of dongles and wires is the last thing you need while on the go. U-HODL wirelessly connects to your mobile phone, charges wirelessly and can be used by just one hand.
And a single battery charge is enough for months of usage.
Feature higlhights
Smart jewelry
Looks like a gem, not an electronic device.
Water and dustproof with IPX7 protection.
Connects using encrypted Bluetooth Low Energy link.
Any color you like
0.95" OLED touchscreen with millions of colours.
Fingerprint scanner
Adds an extra layer of protection and convenience.
Wireless charging
Charges using any standard QI charger.
Ergonomic design and friendly UI.
Backup and recovery
Recover your keys using 24-word backup phrase
Mobile app
A dedicated companion app for iOS and Android