The hottest cold wallet
Keep your own bank at your fingertips
Limited SUPER Early Bird pricing
Tightly packed with
security systems and
cutting-edge technologies
We brought new security model and materials
to the world of tiny wearables.
Up until now they were exclusively available
for superior smartphone
developers only
Perfect fit in every detail
Perfect fit in every detail
Stay safe within every condition
Elegant and friendly
A key to your digital assets doesn't have to look like a cheap trinket.

That's why U-HODL is made of stainless steel and hardened glass rather than plastic. While not in use, it looks like a jewellery, not an electronic device.

U-HODL's user interface is designed to complement the premium look.

Mobile first
A laptop with a bunch of dongles and wires is the last thing you need while on the go.

U-HODL wirelessly connects to your smartphone, charges wirelessly and can be used by just one hand.

A single battery charge is enough for months of usage.
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Banking grade security
Zero-Trust Architecture
Fully-featured TrustZone driven by formally verifiable microkernel system with end-to-end low level component secure communication,
ignited by user-generated Root-of-Trust.
It is EMV certifiable solution
Secure Enclave
What can be better than Secure Element?
Certainly it's bigger brother - Secure Enclave
Physically Unclonable Function
The unique ability for a user to generate it's own secure hardware Root-of-Trust, avoiding legacy, factory enabled secure element's, approach.
This means a lot for the decentralized future.
EAL4+ certified fingerprint
Our company works according to the principle of individual approach to every client. This method lets us to get success in problems of all levels.
Side-channel resistance
Side-channel attacks recent arise with the development of the low-cost tools stays irrelevant for you, due to multi-layered algorithmic and end-to-end approach.
Bluetooth + Secure Messaging
Additional cryptography layer on top of BLE connection developed for your convenience against wireless
Man-in-the-middle attacks
Top-tier red team audit
Together with one of the best-known research group in the world of hardware security, we are inspired with contributing to zero-trust private key storage for personal use
Feature highlights
Jewelry design
Mimetic feel and look
Banking grade security
Aligned with certification
True mobility
Single hand-operated
No strings attached. Ever.
Fingerprint scanner
Ultraconvenient and secure
Retina AMOLED touchscreen
Water and dustproof with IPX7
Wireless charging
With long lasting battery
Backup and recovery
Recover your keys using
secret phrase